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*Education Code 49011.
a) A pupil enrolled in a public school shall not be required to pay a pupil fee for participation in an educational activity.
1) All supplies, materials, and equipment needed to participate in educational activities shall be provided to pupils free of charge.

We work through a lot of our supplies in our day-to-day activities  If you see any sales at the stores, please consider purchasing some of the classroom. These items are used throughout the school year. We appreciate these donations anytime in the year!

  • Photo paper for HP Sprocket

  • Canon Ink 245 and 246

  • AAA batteries (for Flashlight Friday)

  • 2 black Papermate fine felt tip pens

  • Kleenex

  • 1 ream white copy paper

  • 1 ream of cardstock {white or color)

  • Hand wipes, diaper wipes or Clorox wipes

  • Headphones (1 pair, no ear buds)

Welcome to Room 35

Mrs. Pearson's Transitional Kindergarten Class

Be respectful. be responsible.

Donors Choose Projects

Donor's Choose is a wonderful organization that helps classroom receive donations and funding for different projects.  At this time, I have one project in need of funding.  Please click on the button to see what materials are needed for our classroom.  

Also, please feel free to forward to any family or friends who may want to donate.  All donors will receive a thank you letter from the class.  

These are donations to the classroom, and not always just for the individual child.  

Many of these materials are consumable  and need to be replenished throughout the school year.  

Also, gift cards are always helpful to purchase seasonal materials, supplies and to develop photos.

*They are not required, but if you wish to contribute, we thank you!