Ericson Elementary

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October: Raeanne, Lavish, Emerson, Amit 




Recognition Awards

Each month, students receive Recognition Awards for academics, improvements and terrific behaviors.  We have a wonderful class and it is very difficult to choose only 4 students a month!  

October Recipients:  

Nolan, Nicholas, Samantha, Emma

Welcome to Room 35

Mrs. Pearson's Transitional Kindergarten Class

Be respectful. be responsible.

Donor's Choose Projects

I have a new Donor's Choose Project!  It is for new centers in Literacy and Math.  Please continue to share the project with family and friends.  

​We received funding for both Donor's Choose Projects!  

Our classroom has a beautiful new rug.  The kids love having their own space on a nice clean rug.  Thank you to those parents who contributed to our project.  Chevron funded the bulk of the proceeds.

We also started receiving some plants and supplies for our garden  We are planting succulents since they are drought resistant.  If you have succulents at home, we would appreciate some cuttings to add to our garden.  Also, if you have a green thumb, your help and advice is always welcome.  Once again, thank you for all your donations!