Welcome to Room 35

Mrs. Pearson's Transitional Kindergarten Class

Be respectful. be responsible.



Here at Ericson Elementary, we are using Common Core standards to ensure that our students are gaining life long skills to be successful learners.  Please visit the Common Core section for more details regarding Kindergarten Standards.

Our learning environment allows students to share ideas, ask questions and take risks safely.


Ericson Elementary

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Welcome to Room 35!  We  work hard to build a strong community of kind and wonderful learners.

I love TK students because they are inquisitive, eager to learn and full of energy.  We are enjoying reading books, experimenting with science and exploring math in the world around us.

In TK, we learn and develop skills that will help us next year in Kindergarten and for the rest of our lives!  Not only do we learn academics, we learn how to make friends, be friends and how kindness will always lead us in the right direction.



Welcome to our TK4/TK classroom.  Due to Covid, we will be online learning until it is safe to enter the classrooms.  Please look through my website knowing that much of the information is in regard to working in the classroom.

To have a successful school year, it is important that each student take responsibility for his/her own learning.  Our classroom rules are as follows:

1.  Be a good listener.

2.  Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

3.  Use kind words.

4.  Take care of our classroom and school.

5.  Try your best!

We also always remember:  Never EVER hurt anyone on the inside or the outside.